Professional Development

Professional Development

On November 10, 2020, SHRM-LI’s Professional Development Committee hosted a Career Building Workshop. It was a conversation with experts on how to kick start your career growth. Please view the recording below.

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Top 10 Advice:

1. Forgive yourself for not job searching 8 hours a day every day.  (“It’s too mentally fatiguing!  Instead, practice self-care and do something else like take a meditation course or get a coach, or even volunteer and give back to others.  Just take a break!”). QUOTE:  Adrian Shakelford

2. Get noticed online.  (“It’s not enough to “like” a post!  To increase your online visibility and make stronger connections, you should comment thoughtfully on posts!”). QUOTE:  Beth Meixner

3.  Get honest feedback on your interviewing skills.  (“Especially for those who have been in the same role for decades of their career, it’s a different world and getting an understanding of how you come across as a candidate is essential.”)  QUOTE:  Audrey Villani

4.  You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.  (An employer should have compassion for you when you are interviewing virtually and are getting interrupted by family or home life.  If we can can forgive this in our colleagues who are working remotely, an employer should be able to have the same kind of understanding for you as a candidate facing the same situation.)  QUOTE:  Adrian Shakelford

5.  Use job boards strategically.  (“Start with Indeed to get your foot in the door by completing the employer’s online application.  Then use Linkedin and network to find a 2nd or 3rd connection to get an introduction to someone at that organization that can potentially help you get a “back door” into getting considered.”) QUOTE:  Beth Meixner/Adrian Shackelford

6.  Get a Mentor or Coach.  (“Find someone who will help you uncover the best decision on jobs and job searching for YOU because they will start asking you those “why” questions and helping you reveal what you may be missing while in the heat of the moment.”) QUOTE:  Beth Meixner

7.  Be transparent.  (“Ask the interviewer questions about the difficult topics like remote working, scheduling and COVID-19 precautionary concerns.  It only helps everyone when you are clear about what you need, especially if they are not giving you this information during your interview.”) QUOTE:  Audrey Villani

8.  Use your network.  (“Make sure you are fully utilizing the three silos of networking we all have at our disposal; 1. Our friends and family, 2. our professional network and 3. our current or former company’s employees.  The more people you have looking for a job for you, the better your chances of being recommended for leads and new opportunities.”) QUOTE:  Beth Meixner

9.  Search for the hidden key words.  (“During interviewing when recruiters use phrases like “circling back with the hiring manager”  or similar, these words may be an indication on the status of your candidacy – especially when phrases like this are said too quickly or used to slow down the process.”) QUOTE:  Adrian Shakelford

10.  Timing is important.  (“I’m going to wait for a job offer before I start asking about flexibility in regard to scheduling and remote working because at that point I know for sure that the employer wants me for the role.”  “By flipping the conversation, candidates can make a better business case for adding value to the organization while discussing scheduling needs.”) QUOTE:  Briana Tekverk


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