Luncheon Presentation

Luncheon Presentation

Luncheon Presentation

Keynote Luncheon Presentation

Avish Parashar

“Ding Happens! How HR Professionals Can
Improvise, Adapt, and Innovate in an Ever-Changing World”

Anyone can perform well when everything goes right. The real test of you and your organization is how you react when things go wrong – and they will!  These make-or-break moments are the “Dings!” of life. Handle them well and you come out looking like a rock star. Handle them poorly and you can end up adding unnecessary stress, difficulty, and complication to your life. As Human Resources Professionals,  you are at the forefront of change. You are the first to hear when things go wrong, the first place people look to fix the problems, and it is your job to prepare and usher in needed changes in your organization. In this interactive and engaging program you will learn the fundamentals of great improvisation, and leave with specific techniques to use those fundamentals to respond to change and increase innovation in both your organization and your own life.  If things go 100% as planned for you every time, then you can skip this session; otherwise, attend and learn how to improvise, adapt, and innovate in an ever changing world!

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