SHRM-LI Dinner Meeting

Carlyle At The Palace in Plainview, NY
Wednesday, October 25, 2017 -
5:30pm to 8:30pm

Brainworks – Train Your Brain to 
Perform and Be More Productive at Work

 Today's workforce deals with daily mental multitasking and often times performs in a constant state of "busyness" to meet the demands of their job; causing them to become unfocused, distracted, and ultimately less productive. Thinking about a difficult conversation, meeting, or presentation in advance can strengthen areas in the brain that support the desired behavior.  Boosting creativity with open conversations with a mix of viewpoints, and working in a friendly, interactive environment, can benefit you in business. This presentation will help HR professional educate their workforce on training the brain for better mental health to increase job performance.

Attendees will:

  • Learn to help employees to become more mentally focused during the work day to increase job performance. 
  • Learn the tools needed to perform at your best to positively impact your job and the company's bottom line.
  • Learn the critical components of brain health, as well as create a personalized plan for training your brain to perform at peak capacity.
  • Learn step by step instructions that can be passed on to employees to encourage better mental health at work.

Presenter: Nick Fox is a Director for Janus Henderson LabsTM Professional Development Team. In this role, he is involved in research and curriculum development for their Professional Development programs. He is a frequent speaker and coach to advisor and client audiences. Nick adds to his passion for teaching and education with 26 years of financial services wholesaling experience, most recently with Janus Henderson, where he covered Southern California with expertise in practice management, consulting and training.

This Meeting will have a special presentation to recognize the Winners of the 2017 "Best Places to Work on Long Island".

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